Alexandra Scuffle is an Atlanta based photographer and graphic designer. She grew up in her native Atlanta, in a family of accomplished artists and musicians. Her deep passion for photography began in her childhood, when she picked up her first disposable camera in elementary school. Then she would go on field trips and take pictures of anything that captivated her. This passion to capture life through the lens continues to grow, currently photographing models, portraits, and music concerts.



Alexandra's earliest influence is derived from her mother Aida Scuffle's brilliant stage and fashion makeup work, realized in the backstages of world-class productions and photoshoots. Alex's development continues to be refined as her mother's work moved in to TV and film.

Her greatest contemporary influence is found in the seminal work of renown Master Photographer Mario Testino, who like her is of Peruvian descent. 

She continues her formal studies in Atlanta, and in her spare time she is a featured background and stand-in for film and Television, including a re-appearing role in The Walking Dead. She also enjoys doing graphics and watercolor art.